what our partners say


“We have worked with McIntyre Direct for the last couple of years in the production of our catalogs. Everyone there has been extremely professional and helpful. They were much easier to work with than other companies we have used in the past. I would highly recommend McIntyre Direct to anyone who is searching for someone to assist in the creation of their catalog.”

  • Carolyn Lingo, Catalog Manager
    Eilenberger Bakery & Mary of Puddin Hill

“McIntyre Direct is a great company to work with. I changed from an expensive group on the East Coast to McIntyre Direct. I saved money making the switch but they understand the mail order business very well, so it was a win-win for me. Meduri World Delights is small with limited resources, McIntyre Direct has stepped up to help me with print marketing and mailing list optimization, to designing and implementing a new full service website.”

  • Dominic Meduri, President
    Meduri World Delights

“I’ve worked with McIntyre Direct since 1999. Their in-depth catalog expertise has helped us on every aspect of our catalog marketing program: circulation, strategic, branding, reporting, color, creative, and email. They helped us grow quickly in our early years, and when the economy turned down, they helped keep us stable and whole. They’re smart, hard-working, very responsive and surprisingly affordable. They’re the best in the business, and I highly recommend them.”

  • Todd Hatoff, CEO (retired)
    Allen Brothers

“We engaged McIntyre Direct initially to analyze our seasonal retail catalog and web mail order business which had seemed to stagnate. Initially, they provided us with astute observations pertaining to every facet of the enterprise, including brand positioning, merchandising, print production, mail plan, gift list and prospecting. We proceeded the 1st year with a conservative program incorporating their recommendations. We utilized their expertise with respect to the production of the various collateral pieces and realized savings and qualitative improvements. Sales improved from both the house list and rented prospect segments.

The next year we greatly benefited from their in depth analysis of the prior year results. They helped us organize a precise mail plan that line by line worked to maximize the results from each mail segment and to rejuvenate marginal house list segments. We confidently increased our mailings incrementally and enjoyed excellent results. It has been a pleasure working with the entire McIntyre staff and their affiliates as well. They bring top flight expertise and personalized attention to detail to every task.”

  • Geoff Crowley, President
    The Ya-Hoo! Baking Co.

“Susan and her team are a vital resource to us. With decades of experience, they know the catalog business inside and out. We rely on them not only for expert creative designs, but strategies, print/production planning, cost analysis and more. The McIntyre Direct team is always available when we need them- whether it be meeting a short deadline, participating in a business discussion, strategizing, or analyzing results. They are responsive and thorough in everything they do and I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

  • Jennifer Blake, Catalog Manager
    Diet Direct