Our Founder

McIntyre Direct was founded in 1991 by Susan McIntyre, an internationally-recognized catalog expert. Susan is still actively involved in developing client strategies to meet her high standards and demanding cataloging principles.

Susan has a special knack for
“thinking like a customer”

That allows Susan to modify a program in a way that increases customer response and repeat buying. Her accounting and data-processing background, combined with her common-sense approach to program execution, means she can take a creative idea and turn it into a step-by-step program that avoids pitfalls and earns profits.

Susan is a regular columnist for “Catalog Success” magazine. She has also written for the DMA’s “Directions”, “Target Marketing”, the “Journal of the Australian Direct Marketing Association”, and she has been widely quoted in “Entrepreneur” magazine and many newspapers. Here programs have been written up in national publications including “Catalog Age,” “Direct Marketing Magazine,” “Target Marketing,” “DM News,” Sales & Marketing Management, “The Catalog Marketer,” and “Ad Week.”

Susan’s award-winning programs have won two gold ECHO’s, a bronze ECHO, a Pioneer, and two American Catalog Award finalists.

Before founding McIntyre Direct, Susan was Direct Marketing Manager for NIKE where she developed the first Nike Women’s Source Book. Susan is widely known for her creation of the STASH TEA COMPANY’S direct marketing programs linking Stash’s retail, food-service and mail-order distribution channels. As Stash’s Director of the Mail Order division for 6 years, Susan produced Stash’s consumer catalogs, designed successful store-traffic-building programs, and many lower-cost customer acquisition programs.

Susan has addressed the Montreux Symposium for Direct Marketing in Switzerland, the European Grand Prix for Direct Marketing in France, the LA Ad Club, the DMA’s national conferences, and scores of direct marketing and business groups in France, England, Canada, Australia, and across the U.S. Here topics cover all aspects of cataloging, including how to build low-cost lists, mail order basics, combining mail order and retail, and positioning.