catalog doctor articles

McIntyre Direct was founded in 1991 by Susan McIntyre, an internationally-recognized catalog expert. Susan is still actively involved in developing client strategies to meet her high standards and demanding cataloging principles.

Susan has written and been quoted in
publications worldwide.

Susan’s broad experience with cataloging in multi-channel marketing environments, plus her common-sense, bottom-line approach, have won clients from Vermont Country Store and Nautilus, to C.C. Filson - MCM’s 2011 Catalog of the Year. A three-time ECHO award winner, McIntyre has addressed marketers in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, has written and been quoted in publications worldwide, and is a regular columnist for Retail Online Integration magazine. While we can’t say that reading her articles will guarantee more sales for your catalog, her principles and practices have been the key to increasing sales and profits for McIntyre Direct clients, and could be for you.